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Phil Luangrath was born in Laos and came to the United States in 1980. He received his art degree at California State University of Long Beach. Despite his love for art and his art studies, he took on various odd jobs to avoid becoming a professional artist. His notebooks were always filled with intricate pencil drawings in his formative years. When he was not drawing, he would find himself lost in daydreams about exploring every corner of the world. His artistic endeavors and travels allow him to collaborate with artisans and jewelers from around the world. Inspired by diverse cultures and rich traditions of over 50 countries from his travel, he created unique designs that reflects global tapestry. His journey as an artist has been shaped by people and places he has encountered along the way.



Favio Landeira was born in Argentine and moved to the US at the age of 18. His fascination and passion for tin toys sparked by his uncle who would bring back suitcase filled with these unique toys from travel abroad.

At just six years old, Favio started spending his afternoon in his father’s metal factory, where he not only played but learned the art of working with metal fabrication. It was during this time that his love for exotic car was born. At age 16, Favio's parents surprised him with a BMW in hopes that this gift would deter him from immigrating to the US.

Phil an Favio met in 1996 and have been in partnership ever since. Their first and continuing collaboration is metal fabrication. This unique hand forged steel not only provide income but also allows them to create functional art. Their earlier work such as occasional furniture and lighting were catered to the design trade and retailers like Neiman Marcus, Gumps, the Ritz-Carlton and other upscale boutiques across the US. Their design portfolio includes luxurious leather goods using exotic skins. Their latest addition is vermeil and fine jewelry made with precious and semi-precious color gemstones both for their own retail and private labels.  In 2018, Phil and Favio achieved their life long dream of pursuing a career in art. Their Tin-Toy art exemplified their love for colors, shapes, and textures which are evident in all of their design works. Through these creations, they express their personal interpretation of life: chaotic yet orderly in its own madness, a childhood memories filled with nostalgia, and all the while also reminding them that art can be a source of joyfulness, amusement and vibrancy like life itself.

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